Yurek Pharmacy

A clean and minimal website with easy flow for users to find information easily.

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Pharmacy leader in London, Ontario

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    Reza Alavie
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  • Reza Alavie
Yurek Pharmacy


Yurek Pharmacy is located in London, Ontario, and prides itself as the leading provider of quality healthcare products and services. Yurek has multiple divisions to cater to all needs of their valued clients and is now embracing digital technologies to make the customer service more robust and make all the information accessible to all the stakeholders.


Yurek pharmacy is not new to the online world, they have been operating a website for almost a decade now. Now was indeed the time to redesign the website to appeal to the customer base as well as the vendors they work with. The new website is designed to be clean and responsive on all devices making sure a smooth experience for the visitors. It is also hooked up with an appointment booking plugin and an easy navigation flow for the users. The aim of the website is to make it easier for users to browse through the information and easily book an appointment with Yurek experts. In addition to that, this website is the main website apart from 3 more Yurek division websites.

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